Our Debut!

After working vigorously and with help from our friends over at Escape Games Canada, we were able to make our debut on the red carpet (literally) at Chicago's Room Escape Conference.

We have been working on the demo version of Geist Manor: Playtime for about two months (that's a full two months including nights and weekends) so that we would have a nearly finished product in time for the conference.

At first we were a bit nervous, but before we knew it people were lining up in droves to check out what we think was a pretty unique product on the show floor. The response was overwhelming. Almost everyone was amazed, and for many it was either their first or best VR experience.

 People starting to sign up!

People starting to sign up!

Even though we were on the floor demoing for five to six hours straight, I was pretty much energized every time somebody had a great response to the game. Since the demo was horror based, it was actually quite the commotion whenever people were truly immersed and scared enough to shriek at the top of their lungs.

Despite all the work and thought we put into the game, there were still some kinks. Luckily the computer we brought to demo was also the development computer, so we were actually able to use people's feedback and play data to make changes in the game between days. The game was actually getting better as more people played them. This is one of the advantages that I do think we'll have in the long run. The way people interact with virtual reality is still something being researched and studied. For us to have complete control over the setup, machinery, and the data that comes with it, let's us completely optimize the entire experience for each one of our games.

So even though we were having tons of fun watching reactions, we were also working and answering loads of questions. I think for the next few conferences we attend, I'll be bringing some help so I can actually look at the other booths because they all seemed pretty interesting.