Use VR in your Facilities

Virtual Reality is really grabbing hold of the public’s attention. While still in it’s infancy, VR offers limitless possibilities for both the user and for your business. Escape Games Canada has a vision to leverage space in your facility into a dynamic, playable experience for your customers using cutting edge virtual reality technology from our partners at Escape VR. To be clear, we are not suggesting integrating VR into your escape experiences, rather creating an all-new kind of attraction where customers can spend a few minutes exploring amazing and exotic locations in a virtual space without leaving the safety of your facility.

 Spectators watch a player experience VR at Escape Games Canada

Spectators watch a player experience VR at Escape Games Canada

Imagine introducing a ten-minute attraction that allows customers to engage with your product, boosts revenue and takes up no more than a mere ten-foot-square footprint. The game is called Geist Manor; a collaboration between the innovative game designers at Escape Games Canada and the trailblazing programmers at Escape VR; it is a partnership that celebrates both companies love for immersion, dynamic and engaging gameplay as well as games that adhere to the principles of game theory. Our mission was to create a single-player experience that replicates all of the thrills and excitement of a real life escape game. 

Escape VR is committed to blurring the lines between game and reality, making immersion their number one priority. Design takes precedence to allow for a complete and realistic experience. Escape VR brought their talent to the designers at Escape Games Canada to create a truly seamless experience. As programmer Simon Chu observed, “when people are solving a problem, it immerses them into VR even more” and the effect is undeniable. Testing has shown that customers are enraptured by the experience; they are rewarded by the challenges of solving an escape single headedly, while being drawn into the intensity of the realistic environment. 

Escape VR’s first game is Geist Manor, a haunt-themed escape that has programmed using the HTC Vive. It is one of the most sophisticated VR systems available and allows players to immerse themselves fully while providing customization to each person’s particular needs. Viewfinders and horizon points can be customized as can the band width of the helmet, ensuring everyone gets to fully escape into the program and block out reality. While it is being manufactured for home use, what Escape VR and Escape Games Canada are offering is a unique, proprietary product licensed for use in your public facility. Using this cutting edge technology, we are creating games that are easy to pick up and play and take no more than a few minutes each. This unique feature is an immediate drive in sales and call to action for your customers. No longer will they sit waiting for their game to become available, when they can engage in a unique escape experience. For more information or a quote, contact Escape VR or Escape Games Canada.