What is Escape VR?


Escape VR started with the task of creating experiences for Escape Rooms that couldn't be achieved in reality. After achieving worldwide adoption, we've set our sights on even more ambitious goals to have more of the world experience our incredibly immersive content.

We do it all, from creating content to fit your business's ecosystem, to creating a turn-key solution that anybody can deploy in their facility.


Escape VR immerses you a virtualized environment

Our development team strives to blur the line between the real and the virtual. We believe everybody should be able to experience quality VR, so we came up with new creative solutions to control the experience.


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Our Process

Because we strive for the best escape game experiences on the market, our titles typically take two to three months to develop. We are partnering with the experienced team at Escape Game Canada to design our games. We then create a visually appealing environment so we can truly immerse users. After we greenlight the environment, we start to add puzzle elements that sometimes shape and reform the finished product. The last step is to test the escape game title on users to squash all the bugs and recognize user tendencies.