We want to amaze you.


There's really no better feeling when people take off the headset and tell us how amazing their experience is. This is why we do what we do and why our quality exceeds everyone else's even at the cost of our business interests.


Collaborating with Escape Games CA

Because of their expertise in the escape game industry, we have partnered with Escape Games Canada to come up with the designs and assist us in creating the most mind-numbing, challenging escape games we could fathom. As we've been working with the team, we have found that they are really a world-class organization with a lot of fun-loving, good people. Through their work with us, we can truly see how passionate they are about great quality experiences.



Open Positions

We're looking for somebody who loves games and is tech savvy. You don’t have to be a computer genius, but you should know how to use one! Being friendly and patient are a must.

What you'll be doing

  • Facilitate our virtual reality escape rooms after learning about our booking system and software.

  • Problem solve when the need arises, whether it is a technical or player problem.

  • Help our with equipment and software management.

Game Master

Quality Assurance Intern

Your responsibility would be to help us test our virtual environments and help us troubleshoot it.  


  • Must be comfortable in virtual reality.

  • No vertigo. Some environments will be very elevated.

  • Should be able to handle horror scenarios. You can be scared, but you must be able to keep playing.

  • Can't be too prone to motion sickness. There's generally no problem but it may happen in very small spurts.

Above all we're looking for somebody who's smart and is a quick learner. Of course achievements in the past are also a big plus, so please send us a list of those. Persistence and creativity are traits we believe are necessary for this position.

What you'll be doing

  • Learning about our products and how they can help businesses.

  • Thinking about ways to find new leads.

  • Landing deals anywhere from small to large sized. We have the ability and resources to do any type of job in VR.

Sales Representative

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