What makes Escape VR different from other companies?

At Escape VR, we value a quality experience that your customers will love. The reason we decided to go into the location-based VR space is that it allows us to create the best possible experience for vendors to present to their public because of the home limitations of space and cost. We also create free-roaming experiences only because we feel this is the best VR experience that would also prevent customers from getting motion-sickness or the feeling of dizziness.

How will this be profitable?

Having VR isn't a magic bullet for your business. You'll still need to be able to market and obtain new customers, but it will certainly help with customer acquisition and retention if done right. Depending on which solution you purchase from us, there are several ways in which you can maximize your ROI. Our customers use our solutions to supplement their businesses or, in the case of our larger solutions, have it run as an attraction or main attraction. We have heard that people also set it up at malls or outside an amusement area as an effective marketing technique. If you are going to open an escape room facility, you can also use these as a placeholder for rooms while you are designing the room that is to be used. This way the space isn't sitting idle and gives you another avenue of potential profit.

What are some of the benefits of VR?

VR is another experience that's new and hip, something Millenials crave. By combining VR and Escape Rooms, we have a marriage of some of the highest growth markets. Because your space is virtual, having several software titles allows you to bring a fresh new experience for users instantly! Customers taking souvenirs also no longer becomes a problem. Assembly and migration of VR is also extremely easy compared to other attractions.

Why can't I just buy my own software and charge people to play it?

It's not really legal. Many stores for game distribution have it in their EULA that you can't try to profit from having others play the game that you purchased. Our experiences are made for location-based VR. This means we can provide a higher quality experience instead of developing for the masses. VR in a business environment offers the advantages of space, higher-end equipment, and takes the complexity of a VR system out of the user's responsibility.


How come it isn't wireless?

Currently there are lightweight backpacks that can be used to run VR wirelessly. Soon there will be multiplayer wireless VR peripherals to be added to the HMDs (Head Mounted Displays).


How much space do I need for your experiences?

To make the experience feel as real as possible, the virtual space and real space need to be in sync. For our single player games, we require a 10ft x 10ft space. Any less space and you might be pretty cramped and limited. For our roaming experiences that will allow 4-6 players at a time, we require 20ft x 20ft but may expand based on the experience we want to develop.


How long are the games?

Our single player games are recommended for 10-20 minute experiences. Ward 9 is between 30-45 minutes. Our 4-6 player experiences will be between 30 and 45 minutes as well. All our games come with the ability to alter the time limits to any custom setting.


Can I get a discount for bulk orders?

Yes, please contact us either through the contact form or through e-mail.


Isn't this unsanitary?

The headset comes with foam that will be soft and comfortable while soaking up all that funky sweat. To make it sanitary, we have decided to start including leather covers for the headset that can easily be wiped with alcohol wipes.